Getting to Huber Heights

Dayton airport makes getting to Huber Heights, Ohio simple.
How to Get to Huber Heights

Getting to Huber Heights is really simple, whether you travel by plane or by car. The city is located right on the intersection of some of the Midwest’s largest highways, and it’s also only twenty minutes from the Dayton International Airport. Here is some good information about getting to Huber Heights by car or getting there from the airport in a rental car or shuttle.

Interstate 70 runs right through Huber Heights, so getting there is ridiculously easy. If you can get to I-70, then you can get to this town, and I-70 is one of the most-traveled Midwestern highways in the US. State roads 201 and 202 are the main roads through town, although they become Old Troy Pike and Brandt Pike when you’re talking to the locals or reading a road map. All this goes to say that driving to Huber Heights is really simple.

If you’re flying in, though, you’ll want to come into the Dayton International Airport, which is less than half an hour outside of Huber Heights if you aren’t stuck in rush hour traffic. If you’re flying into town, you have a couple of options for actually getting to Huber Heights. You can either rent a car or take the airport shuttle or bus to town.

Renting a car is simply done from the airport, especially if you’re just going to drive back there in a few days. There are several car rental kiosks right in the airport, so you can easily compare prices and services before you choose where to rent from. However, if you don’t need a car while you’re visiting, you can take the special shuttle to Huber Heights or simply hop on the Greater Dayton bus system and take it out to the center of town.


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