Huber Heights Emergency Information

Emergency services at the ready in Huber Heights, Ohio.
Emergencies in Huber Heights, OH

Both visitors and new residents in any residential area should find out when they first arrive a bit about the area’s emergency services. Huber Heights, OH is protected by a professional police and fire department, and it also has a full medical center right in town. Plus, it’s only about twenty minutes from Dayton, with its larger hospitals and medical treatment centers.

Luckily for the Huber Heights area residents, the fire department is staffed by professional firefighters who take an oath to protect the city’s citizens. The current fire chief is Robert Maimone, and he oversees all of the fire department’s operations. Besides answering emergencies, the fire department also oversees things like foster care in-home inspections and CPR classes. The main fire department office is located on Brandt Pike, and the secondary department is located in Troy Pike. The two departments mean that the firemen in Huber Heights can reach more homes more quickly.

The Huber Heights police station is situated in Taylorsville Road close to the City Council buildings. The Chief of Police is Robert Schommer. Besides performing the usual police rounds and safety-keeping measures, the policemen in this department take care of background checks and fingerprinting, and also keep a community room. The police station front desk is open during regular business hours, and you can contact this desk at 973-233-1565.

The closest large hospital to Huber Heights is at the Air Force Base. Even civilians can be treated here sometimes, but many people choose to go into Dayton to have major procedures or long-term care taken care of. Good Samaritan Hospital and the Dayton Children’s Hospital are both just a quick jump from Huber Heights. Good Samaritan offers award-winning cardiovascular care, and the Children’s Hospital specializes in all sorts of pediatric diseases and care.


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