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Spend time in the great outdoors in Huber Heights, Ohio.
Historical Dayton Area Attractions

Because it was once in a farming community and is still surrounded by farming communities, Dayton, OH is an area with a deep history in farming and the land. This means that many Huber Heights area attractions involve history, and some of them are reenactments of life on the old farms of the 1800’s. These attractions include the Carillion Historical Park, the Carriage Hill Farm, the Carriage Hill Metropark, and the other area parks. Some of these even have outdoor activities like hunting and horseback riding that visitors can enjoy.

The Carillion Historical Park is located on Carillion Drive in Dayton, and it has tons of attractions for the entire family. You can host large events at the park or take a family day out to learn about the history, both agricultural and creative, of Dayton. Admission is cheap - $8 for adults and $5 for kids up to age seventeen – so this is a good option if you need something to keep the kids busy without spending a lot of money.

Carriage Hill Farm is one of the best metroparks in the Dayton area. The park is a combination of historical buildings and some built to look historical, and actors and actresses can show your family what things used to look like. Plus, there is a riding center at this park, so your whole family can go for a leisurely horseback ride on a nice day.

The larger metropark surrounding Carriage Hill Farm has lots to do, as well. Whether you just want a relaxing, romantic afternoon picnic or a long hike to wear out the kids, you’ll find lots of things to enjoy in the area around the park. The Dayton parks are all made up of hundreds of acres, so you can wander for ages around the park.

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