Huber Heights Annual Events

The annual Montgomery County Fair is a great family event in Huber Heights, Ohio.
Hitting Up the Dayton Annual Events

One of the best things to do before planning a vacation is to check out the annual events in any given area. If you’re thinking about heading out to Dayton for a week or a weekend this year with the family, you need to check out some of the Dayton annual events, including the Dayton Fair and the Dayton Celtic Festival. These two events are some of the best of the summer, and they offer activities for the whole family.

Each year, Dayton hosts the Montgomery County Fair on its central fair grounds. After all of the smaller county fairs have taken place, many families gather in Dayton for lots of rides, greasy but delicious food, and entertainment for the whole family. Local families often set up booths selling baked goods and local farm produce at the fair, and in recent years, there has been an art show where contestants can win prizes and potentially even sell their work. If you’re going to be around Dayton at the right time, this good old Midwestern style fair is something that you definitely won’t want to miss.

If you love cultural attractions, then you’ll probably also enjoy the Dayton Celtic Festival, which is another annual Huber Heights event. This one-weekend festival normally falls at the end of July; in 2010, it will be the very last weekend in July, including the first day of August. The festival is put on by the Dayton Irish Arts Institute and the United Irish of Dayton, Inc. At the festival, you can enjoy a ton of Irish foods and drinks, and then work them off at the 5K walk/run event. You can also watch all kinds of Irish entertainment, including dancing, or enjoy traditional arts and crafts. There is really something for everyone at this annual celebration.


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