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Huber Heights, Ohio in the fall.
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If you’re vacationing in Dayton, one of the best ways to find out what events are coming up is to check the newspaper, the Dayton Daily News. Also, staying in Huber Heights is a great idea if you want something a bit quieter when you’re in the Dayton area, so if you’re vacationing in Huber Heights or considering moving there, you’ll want to get familiar with that smaller newspaper, as well, the Huber Heights Courier. Here’s a bit of information on what you can find in these papers and where you can pick one up today.

Much of the news in the Dayton Daily News can be found on its website at www.DaytonDailyNews.com, but if you want more information or like to read your news in print over a cup of coffee, the old-fashioned way, you can always subscribe to the newspaper. In Huber Heights, you can get the seven day newspaper for $14 a month, or less if you buy several months at once. Thursday through Sunday newspapers are $10 a month, and newspapers just on Sundays and Thursdays when the coupons normally run are $8 a month.

The smaller Huber Heights Courier is a good way for locals to get information about specific community happenings and upcoming events, and you can also find more finely tailored classifieds for where you actually are in the Courier. A good option if you’re someone who likes to keep things filed away in digital format is to sign up for email alerts from the Courier, which will let you get all of the breaking stories in the community as well as hear about upcoming events. You can simply get the area classifieds online through the Huber Heights section of the Daily News official website.


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